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Scaling Technical Marketing Deep and Wide

Getting Started

Riding the Tech Wave Since 1995

ClearDiff was created by two businessmen with 20 years + each in the IT/marketing industry.  Through years of trial and error, industry knowledge, and countless product launches ClearDiff was born.

We saw a need in the marketplace to simplify and streamline the product lifecycle.  With ClearDiff you can expect an organized, hands on approach based on relationships and trust so that you can worry less and focus more.


Organic Growth

Product Launches and Partner Programs

In the early days, we supported Microsoft with  marketing, technical writing, staffing/consulting, videos, presentations, and demos. Realizing that over 90 percent of our business came from a single company, we strategically focused on supporting the Microsoft Partner program to gain access to the rest of the Fortune 2000 and succeeded. We are now vendors for both Microsoft and the partners individually with Microsoft representing less than 10 percent of our business.

This grow exposed gaps in our service offerings which presented us with an additional opportunity to expand. We now offer end-to-end support for both product launches as well as enhanced channel support.


The Resulting Company

Offering Depth and Breadth of Experts at Scale

The majority or our teams of specialists have worked together on launches and channel marketing for over 20 years. This has given us ample time to perfect our methodologies to optimize our successes. Our methodologies offer highly cost and time efficient workflows with ClearDiff teams that are used to working together allowing us to "hit the ground running". Because we support across disciplines we can offer one PM, one PO support enabling our clients to focus on enhancing the project outcome rather than complex accounting. 

What makes ClearDiff unique as a marketing company is our background in business consulting and venture capital rather than pure marketing. This gives us a unique perspective and understanding of our audience allowing us to take compelling copy to the next level. Strategy, branding, and messaging for us is about more than logo, fonts. and colors..... and buying ad space. We understand low lying fruit, building sales funnels, and the customer journey. This makes the marketing dollar spent at ClearDiff a lot more productive.

Proven Methodologies



Scale Deep
and Wide

ClearDiff Management Team

Bill Barraugh

Managing Director

Respected CFO and venture capitalist with 25 years of experience accelerating the growth of public and private companies.  Experience with corporate team grooming, business modeling/optimization, and fund raising – VCs, PPs, M&A, ICOs, and IPOs.  Bill also brings 20 years product/solution marketing experience boasting numerous successful product, solution, and channel launches for the Fortune 1000.

Chuck Schrank

managing director

Fearless tech entrepreneur with 25 years of experience building marketing tools, software, and helping companies reach their goals.   Experience with sales, project management, vision, organization, strong leadership skills, CEO/CTO with strong communication and team building skills.  Years of US and international business experience (Middle East/Africa, Latin America) helping companies plan and execute for success.

Tracy Beck

Operations Director

Two decades of managing both creative and technical teams for optimized outcomes. Tracy’s clear directions has led her teams to devise clear goals which produces dynamic measurable results. It is Tracy’s optimized methodologies that have lead to ClearDiff’s high quality output.

Jack Brown

Sales Director

From being a United States army veteran to helping launch innovative startups as a founder and consultant, Jack has been creating positive impact on people for more than 25 years as a marketer, as a public relations expert, and as a business consultant. 

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